November 25, 2018, 11:31 am

Hello Campers!

We have a special announcement to make. Campground Reservations are NOW OPEN! Also our Dates are AUGUST 2 through 4th, 2019. As the end of the year comes upon us, this is normally a time when we as a team start preparing for next year. This year, Dodge County changed their policies to reflect the new online system. This includes Sites being reserveable as of now! All the information is available including an instruction video are located on https://wildernesscampout.org/ and click on campground

Also to reflect this, We as a team accelerated our timeline and the new website is also live at https://wildernesscampout.org ! All of our Info will be posted on there as well as here, Telegram and Twitter.

Also We are currently planning to open Campout Registration on Janurary 1st, 2019. More info on this in a month or so.

We thank you for your your continued support and we are excited to see you in August!

~Wolfletech Camp Chair

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