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Information on how to reserve a site, including using the Online Site Reservation system, can be found on our Campground Information page.

There is a maximum of 6 people per site. No matter how many “camping units” you have.

There is a max of 2 tents per site, or 1 tent and 1 vehicle (RV, trailer, anything you will be sleeping in) per site. However except in certain conditions, Another Tent costs extra.

Go to the Registration tab on this site and Click Register now!

Sites are $25 a night with electric. Non-Electric sites only exist up the hill but cost $20.

Yes. You may bring your own alcohol. However, you are expected to be responsible with it. Drunkenness is not an excuse for bad behavior. Likewise, it is up to you to ensure that anyone you share with is over 21.

All of the main sites we host have electrical outlets. Only Exception are the Lettered sites for $20. There will be community outlets located at the main sites to charge your phones or other gadgets. Please do not "steal" power from someone's site without their permission.

Yes, if your site is along the river. If you are in the upper campgrounds, we ask that you try to avoid loud parties as there are other campground guests in that area. As always, campground rules on quiet times still apply.

Yes, there is a well water fill up by the shower building.

More info to come, stay tuned!

No. You will need to bring your own.

No. Dodge County does not allow firewood to be brought in from out of the park. The Registration however covers the cost of firewood. No cutting of fallen timber is allowed!

No! Firewood is included in the cost of registration

There are 2 Grocery stores, a Dollar General, 2 hardware stores, and Shopko in the city of Columbus about a 10 minute drive away. Also Kwik Trip, BP, and Bob’s Beverage if you need something more specific. The nearest major retail stores are approximately 30 minutes away. It’s best to plan ahead!

No. Due to health regulations, we are not allowed to use cooking items or utensils to prepare food brought by others. If you require cooking supplies to make your own food, you should bring the supplies you need. However, if all you need is a microwave, we do have one of those in the RV, however you must ask for staff assistance to use this microwave! See "Can we enter the main-site RV?" above.

Yes! Quiet Hours start every night at 10PM. If you are in the "lower campground" (along the river with the main sites), it is a bit more lenient as all the campers in that area are with our event. If you are in the upper campground though, please keep in mind the other campers around you!

Yes. You may have a campfire on your site at the designated fire pit. However a maximum of 2 fires may be active using the communal firewood stock. Also, if you are going to use firewood from the communal stock, it is requested that you do not make it a "private" fire. If you want to have a fire for just you and your friends, please supply your own wood.

Yes, there are a few trails you can walk, we are next to a river so fishing, kayaking or canoeing are all options and we encourage you to bring stuff to use these! There are some available at the campground for rent on a first come first serve basis. However due to the concerns with the river, I do not recommend planning to swim.

Yes. County Park rules must be followed but pets are allowed so long as they are not vicious or violate any reasonable limitations on exotic animals. For example, if you bring any felines larger than a house cat, Dexter will not be happy. See: How to make Dexter happy. Of course, you are responsible for this pet, their care and any cleanup and you may not leave them alone at anytime.

Of course! Chewy will be hosting some small fursuit events (like a mini fursuit games!). Just remember, this is camping, so the ground might be wet or muddy. Keep this in mind when suiting.

The campground is a public park. That means if you would not wear it in public, you may not wear it here. It must be kept out of the public view at all times. Campout Coordinators may request you to change at anytime if it’s deemed inappropriate for our event. We want to be welcomed back.

No. Families are welcome. Though if you are bringing children of people under age, please use the sites up the hill in the overflow area. They are closer to the playground and bathrooms.

We are not unique as there are many Furry Camping trips all over the US. We are one of the only ones in the Midwest. Each event is ran by different people and we are not ran by other events. Ergo their policies and issues are their own and do not reflect upon our event. The goal is to have a fun community event.

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If you also have any other questions, please let us know on the contact us form!

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