The Team

Board of Directors



I'm a Rat who takes measurements for a living so I'm good with numbers. I'm the Acting Chair for Wilderness Campout 2023. I've been involved with the campout for several years but this will be the first year I step out of the shadows to see if I can fill Wolfletech's feet paws. I'm excited to see what my skills as a corpo rat can accomplish. Should be an exciting year!



Does everything Dexter forgets to do! I still also tell Wolfletech "NO!".

When I was growing up, I loved to go camping. So, when Wolfletech asked me to assist with the Wilderness Campout, of course I said YES! Now, I get to go camping, be around a bunch of wonderful furries, and have a great time while others around me also have fun!

Hi, I'm Hikyuuri, I work on computers!



Founder of the Wisconsin Wilderness Campout and going into it's 8th year. I've decided to step back this year and allow some new talent to take the lead. I'm still advising and helping keep everyone in line but I'm excited to be focusing on the kitchen this year to keep everyone happy with the noms. Camping is one of those things that I've always enjoyed doing with family and the fandom is a family to me! I grew up in a small town not too far away from the campout and just up the Crawfish River. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'm always willing to help when I can! Let's come have a great time together in the Wisconsin Wilderness! AWOO TOGETHER, COMMUNITY FOREVER!



A long time ago, a cat messaged Wolfletech new to the fandom. Years later, He has become a very vital part of our team. There are a lot of logistical items that go into running an event and this blue cat has proven he's up to the task. Now for 2023, our blue cat is taking on the additional role of laying out the programming for our camp activities. He's a wolf sometimes too!


It's Ruff Out Director

We are fairly certain that we found him in the back woods of Wisconsin. Originating from the deepest lake in Wisconsin where he likes to hang out, This fox likes the outdoors and everything you can do out in it. He can ski, dive, camp, he always has a good time! He's also the best Timekeeper.

Jase Husky


Gotta keep an eye on those skies! Jase has helped us in many capacities over the years and this year will be heading up our safety and emergency plans in the event the weather decides it hates us. For those of you who were with us in 2021, you might know the experience of fleeing the storms, or sheltering in the toilets. Well fear no more, Jase is ready to go mono e mono with any child of Zeus or Odin who gets in our way.


Featured Artist

This year we're proud to present Sage as our featured artist! Sage has earned a reputation for developing creatively themed con badges for MFF and fursquared. Sage has always had a unique and impressive art style and we're excited to have her with us this year. Check out her socials and join her telegram channel to see when she's open for commissions.